Please read and refer back to this page concerning the State Board Review Course.


When you are using the practice quizzes on my website, please be sure to disable any virus programs and close any background programs running on your computer. Having multiple tabs open in your web browser can also slow down the quiz program.

During the lecture class. No laptops or cell phones will be permitted!
If you cannot agree to this, please do not register for the course.

If you would like to receive a daily email tip to help you pass the state board exam, go to this link: Daily Email Tip

Please check the very bottom of the home page of the website for the dates of the lecture classism which are included as part of the course. We usually give a series of classes Sunday mornings, as well as an evening during the week. You are entitled to choose either set of classes (days or evenings. If you miss a class, it’s not a big deal. You cannot make it up with the other group of classes. Please choose one or the other set of lectures and email us your choice ASAP.

Please be aware that all users can see your scores on the website. If you wish to remain anonymous, change your username to something that is not recognizable.

You will have access to the website until the morning of the day of the next massage board exam. If you are not scheduled to take the next massage board exam, please contact us immediately. Be sure that you have completed your application to take the exam with both and with NY State before the deadline, which is usually November 1 for the January exam and June 1 for the August exam.

Make sure cookies are enabled on your computer.

Do not use Microsoft internet explorer or Safari to access the website, as it will cause you problems. Try to use Firefox or Google Chrome instead. If one gives you problems, try the other.

After you log into the website, look on the menu for the word “Quizzes.”
Clicking on it will bring you to a page with several clickable links, such as:
  Massage Subject Exams 1
  Massage Subject Exams 2
  Massage Subject Exams 3
  Massage General Exams 1
  Massage General Exams 2
  Massage General Exams 3
  Eastern Exams
  Premium Exams (only visible is you have paid to access those extra resources)
  Flip Cards (only visible is you have paid to access those extra resources)
  True False Exams (only visible is you have paid to access those extra resources)

Please note that the Subject Exams tend to be a bit harder that the State Board Exam. Use those exams, but don’t worry so much about your grades on them. You should be more concerned with your scores on the General and Eastern exams groups. Each of the clickable links, such as “Massage Subject Exams 1” will contain approximately 20 to 35 exams.

There are over 150 exams on the site and you are allowed to take most of the exams 6 times each. That equals over 900 exams that might take at least two months to complete. I highly suggest that you allocate enough time to maxing out all the exams on the website. Don’t make the mistake that some students do, of only completing half of all the exams. If you put the time into using the website, it will certainly raise your grade and deepen your knowledge, which results in better exam outcomes.

The website will keep track of the number of questions your answered correctly and issue 1 point for each.
It will also keep track of your average score for each exam and section.
You can compete against other users or against others from your school.

It is counterproductive to cram on the day of the exam. There is also a time limit of one minute per question while taking the quizzes. A twenty question quiz, for example, needs to be finished in twenty minutes.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email. Please do not contact us by cell phone, unless it’s a semi-emergency, 

Gene Desepoli